Earth is Beauty

I wrote this on a train that wove through the northern part of the Los Angeles Forest.

Greys and Browns

Orange and Faded Green

Small trees, low shrubs

and silver rocky hills.

I see Beauty stretch for miles,

but all the greedy capitalists want

is blood and organs

to sell for profit.

All they see is dollar signs

development, mining

and oil.

As the Greys and Browns of

trees and plants fade into

identical track houses and what

they call Civilization (and I call Destruction and Death).

Manufactured and installed trees,

paved streets

and commerce.

What happened to the Beauty?

White settlers destroyed it all.

rhythms of the moon

hi y’all sorry it’s been a few days. too many extrovert days need to be followed by hibernation and sleep.

here’s on I wrote on a camping trip in July as the sun rose. since I was young the rhythms of the moon have always tugged at me..

the moon pulls at me

with its rhythmic heartbeat

resonated in the sounds of

the ocean waves

The sun emerges

as the moon stretches across

the sky

rises to greet a new day

The wind joins the sun

and together they whistle

a new reality 

as the waves beat against

the sand

It is within the heartbeat

I find hope

hope the new reality

will she’d old oppressions

and find new revolutions