To the Femmes

I wrote this today in honor of the feminine spirit of International Womxn’s Day. I don’t identify with the category of woman, but I do acknowledge and honor the feminine spirit which lives within me. A spirit which I think lives within everyone, but in different shapes and forms.

We who embody the feminine;

We, the femmes.

It is our day to rage, to be angry.

Because our transsisters still speak and meet

To protest the slow genocide.

Of the Femme spirit.


We are not equals.

We are all different.

But inside of us no matter what the state says

Lives and breathes. A dragon.

With purple scales.

Femme spirits, Femecestors

It is in our blood.


Rage today.

Rage everyday.

Rage until the femme spirit breathes fire

to destroy the world.


Poem I wrote to express my frustrations and rage at the Amerikan capitalist system. It’s hard to exist somewhere you will never fit in.

Wake up with tears.

They are coated inside my

lungs and heart.

Locked in a scream

towards revolt.

How many must die at the claws of


Claws tear at our skin,

tear at your bodies,

tear at our souls.

We are made indispensible.

Amerikkka is

genocide, is

slavery, is

murder, is

death. This is the

land of

broken limbs,

bleeding hearts,

blown-in lungs.

Revolt catches

my lips, waits for the rest.

When will I wake up with tears

for the revolution?