my strength

this poem is about the strength (and beauty) of our bodies, in contrast to how Western culture may view our bodies. especially for femme bodies it is important to recognize what is often taken away – our autonomy and self-determination. for all the femmes, especially those that struggle with body image and dysphoria. 

thighs sprout

strong tree trunks

muscles buried within 

my clay sandy skin

my Strength

misogyny leaves an ugly mark

on my body

misogyny is countered by

my Strength

a danger to expose my body

because my body will expose

my Strength

cis hetero men stare

they don’t see

my Strength

but I do. 

i will open wide

my Strength

and squeeze tight 

squeeze the life from

cis hetero patriarchy with

my Strength


Author: Karo Skaa

Genderqueer. Nonbinary. PoC. Loves cats magic and rebellion.

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