a funeral

The following was written in memory of a persyn who was (one of the hundreds) murdered by the police earlier this year. The institutions of policing and prisons in Amerika is part of the (neo)liberal political agenda of capitalism and democracy. Their systemic killing and harming of black, brown, indigenous folx is part of that agenda. These institutions need to be abolished if we want to live in a world deserving of this earth.

a persyn, a spirit

constructed after death

through those around

through those that loved

through those whose hearts will never heal


a loved one,

taken away too quickly

too brutally by police forces

is that the life of those oppressed?

those whose skin and ancestry are marked

through slavery by settlers of Amerika?

How much has changed when

black communities still mourn?


preachers with words they think are

wisdom, push old and tired

ways of thinking

“black on black crime”

but what about mass incarceration?

what about police violence dispensed disproportionately on black bodies?


western schooling will never give you

the soul you need to survive

with a war that rages nobody

wants to be lectured by

old stereotypes


Liberation will never be

found within white walls

and colonized colors of respectability.

Don’t believe the myths.

Don’t fall for easy answers.


We  will honor the dead

with our fight

We will honor the dead

with rejection of the systems

We will honor the dead

by never conforming to the rules

of the living


Author: Karo Skaa

Genderqueer. Nonbinary. PoC. Loves cats magic and rebellion.

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