farce of july

I wrote this for the fourth of July holiday which marks a symbolic beginning of the amerikkkan empire. thought it was appropriate as we “celebrate”the election of another white supremacist dictator. 

explosions, fire

car alarms blaring

almost reminds me of

Oakland on jan 22nd

when police threw

tear gas, and flash bombs. 

but today people


celebrate the day of

institutionalized colonialism, 

the beginning of Empire, 

legitimization of genocide/slavery.

people want to deny, 

want to believe

in the beautiful patterns

and colors in the sky

and some just want to play

with explosives. 

I say we aim those at

the state

turn this all around… 

explosions, fire

against Empire


Author: Karo Skaa

Genderqueer. Nonbinary. PoC. Loves cats magic and rebellion.

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