rhythms of the moon

hi y’all sorry it’s been a few days. too many extrovert days need to be followed by hibernation and sleep.

here’s on I wrote on a camping trip in July as the sun rose. since I was young the rhythms of the moon have always tugged at me..

the moon pulls at me

with its rhythmic heartbeat

resonated in the sounds of

the ocean waves

The sun emerges

as the moon stretches across

the sky

rises to greet a new day

The wind joins the sun

and together they whistle

a new reality

as the waves beat against

the sand

It is within the heartbeat

I find hope

hope the new reality

will shed old oppression

and find new revolution


Author: Karo Skaa

Genderqueer. Nonbinary. PoC. Loves cats magic and rebellion.

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