brilliant stars

to continue and begin I dedicate my first poem to all those who never showed their art.. for those who are artists but were never famous.

what of all the poems

never published?

all the hidden journals,

notes in a box.

scribbles on napkins

saved drafts on laptops

whispers in the brain

What of all the artists

never recognized?

all the brilliant stars

shining minds

creative mystics

chameleon writers

sultry musicians

Most of us black, brown

femme, queer, trans

How much have we lost?

How much has it cost us

to ignore the art of

those not heard?

their art is not without

It sleeps into the energies

of the universe

and breeds rebellion

with every stroke and breath


Author: Karo Skaa

Genderqueer. Nonbinary. PoC. Loves cats magic and rebellion.

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